WD40-repeat protein family is one of the largest protein families, mainly provides platforms to assemble proteins, DNA or RNA into functional complexes. These protein complexes play roles in DNA replication, transcription, RNA processing, histone modification/recognition, protein degradation and other processes. Due to their vital functions, detecting WD40 repeats and further predicting their 3D structures from primary sequences are very useful. However, the sequence diversity makes these tasks difficult.

WD40-repeat protein Structure Predictor (WDSP) is developed to identify WD40 repeats and predict the secondary structures of WD40 domains based on their primary sequences. This enables the prediction of the binding hotspots on the top faces of WD40 domains and modeling the complex binding structures. It will be interesting to apply the above information to assist the exploration of protein-protein interactions involving the top faces of WD40s. WDSP_Help

WDSP database is a free resource to provide high quality information of WD40 protein structures and hotspot residues. It has recorded over 60,000 predicted potential WD40 domains in 1,808 species*. Database_Help

*Protein sequences and annotations are downloaded from UniProt database.

Citations and publications

If you use the data of WDSPdb or the WDSP in your research, please cite the following papers:
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